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Do you want to know more about TheRallyDriver.com pacenotes courses?

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TheRallyDriver.com pacenotes courses are targeted at all those pilots who wish to improve their pacenotes system or implement a new system. Although previous experience is not necessary, this course is not really a beginners course. In fact, this course will certainly be experienced drivers who will benefit most of them.

With better notes, you can successfully tackle new challenges, eg national or international championships, where the “recces” will be much more restricted. The fact that this course be a customized course (maximum 2 teams –driver/codriver- per course) can us tailor the level to each of them (Basic, Pro or Evo) for greater exploitation.

The course outline is basically composed of two distinct areas. A few days before the course all the theoretical part is done. For this, a complete tutorial with 120 pages (see sample images above) is delivered. In the tutorial is explained everything needed to understand what it means to have a good pacenotes system.

In addition, a detailed explanation of ones used by current WRC drivers systems is included: Loeb, Ogier, Neuville, Sordo, Meeke and Evans These systems are compared with each other with real examples. It also includes an explanation of internationally renowned drivers as Sainz, Andreucci or Bouffier.

Finally, some maps that will be used to verify in-situ developments during the course are included. This reference tutorial can be very useful for the preparation of the course as for later reference during the season. It is undoubtedly one of the strengths of the course.

Once studied the tutorial, and set the pacenotes system, it will be worked on the special stage of WRC RallyRACC (Tarragona, Spain) during two day practice sessions. In the stages we will practice everything learned in the theoretical part. The verification system will be developed by the maps included in the tutorial, plus comparisons with the WRC drivers pacenotes systems. Both will be what report us the evolution and validity of our system.

More information: contact with David Nafría This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Or phone +34 629739325.