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Pacenotes Course "TheRallyDriver.com"

The Pacenotes Course “TheRallyDriver.com” for drivers will allow to you:

  • Create a new pacenote system to be faster and safer.
  • Need fewer passages/runs for reconnaisance: therefore saving time and money. In addition, strictly complying with the “recce” regulation of each championship (1,2 or 3 runs).

In the Pacenotes Course “TheRallyDriver.com” for drivers:

  • We will work with the latest technologies: RallyPacenotes App and iCodriver. (*)
  • We will study and compare pacenotes systems of internationally renowned rally drivers (Loeb, Ogier, Neuville, Evans, Meeke, Breen and Sordo) with the help of onboard cameras and satellite maps.
  • You will have a complete tutorial (with more than 120 pages) for a better understanding and review.
  • You will have follow-up and personalized advice during the season.

All this, with the maximum facilities:

  • 2-day individual courses. Both driver and codriver are required.
  • It is necessary to have a standard car for the training. Practices are carried out at legal speed on roads open to traffic (like recce during rallies).
  • The price of the course only includes training expenses. Does not include fuel, travel, hotels, etc...

More information: 
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
+34 629 739 325

(*) During the courses we will be using the application "RallyPacenotes" for Android or iPhone. In addition, we will show you the use of the app iCodriver for iPad, a digital alternative to the classic notebook for pacenotes. There is a free trial version "iCodriver Lite" in the Apple Store, for those who want to try it during the course.