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  • RallyPacenotes App. La mejor ayuda para el piloto a la hora de la toma de notas.
  • Cursos de conducción. Iniciación a los rallyes de tierra en Masia Pelarda (Teruel).
  • Servicios de coaching y asesoria en programas deportivos.
  • Noticias sobre la actividad de David Nafría como piloto de rallyes.
  • Tutorial sobre notas de rallyes por David Nafría.

Pacenotes Course "TheRallyDriver.com"

The Pacenotes Course “TheRallyDriver.com” for drivers will allow to you:

  • Create a new pacenote system to be faster and safer.
  • Need fewer passages/runs for reconnaisance: therefore saving time and money. In addition, strictly complying with the “recce” regulation of each championship (1,2 or 3 runs).

In the Pacenotes Course “TheRallyDriver.com” for drivers:

  • We will work with the latest technologies: RallyPacenotes App and iCodriver. (*)
  • We will study and compare pacenotes systems of internationally renowned rally drivers (Loeb, Ogier, Neuville, Evans, Meeke, Breen and Sordo) with the help of onboard cameras and satellite maps.
  • You will have a complete tutorial (with more than 120 pages) for a better understanding and review.
  • You will have follow-up and personalized advice during the season.

All this, with the maximum facilities:

  • 2-day individual courses. Both driver and codriver are required.
  • It is necessary to have a standard car for the training. Practices are carried out at legal speed on roads open to traffic (like recce during rallies).
  • The price of the course only includes training expenses. Does not include fuel, travel, hotels, etc...

More information: 
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
+34 629 739 325

(*) During the courses we will be using the application "RallyPacenotes" for Android or iPhone. In addition, we will show you the use of the app iCodriver for iPad, a digital alternative to the classic notebook for pacenotes. There is a free trial version "iCodriver Lite" in the Apple Store, for those who want to try it during the course.

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Próximos cursos


Próximas webinars en Zoom

Parte 1: 3 de enero

Parte 2: 10 de enero


Curso de notas

Tarragona (Asfalto y/o Tierra)

7 y 8 de enero (Disponible)

27 y 28 de enero (Disponible)

29 y 30 de enero (Disponible)


Cantabria (Asfalto)

13 y 14 de enero (Completo)

15 y 16 de enero (Completo)

17 de enero (Completo)

(Consultar fechas para febrero)


  Fafe (Portugal), Santa Cruz de la Sierra (Bolivia), Concepción (Chile)

 (Consultar fechas)


Curso de conducción en tierra en Masia Pelarda

(Consultar fechas)


Más información:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

+34 629739325