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App "RallyPacenotes" for Android

app rallypacenotes app rallypacenotes2

Mobile App "RallyPacenotes" (www.rallypacenotesapp.com) is designed to help rally drivers in the difficult task of doing special stages pacenotes.

This is an application created by Miguel E. Susunaga Valencia (@migSVapps), from the original idea of Raúl Belategui and sports advice from David Nafría (@davidnafria). Experience gained during the test phase in TheRallyDriver.com pacenotes courses has been key to achieve maximum effectiveness and usefulness of the application.

This app allows to driver score the bend severity of each corner by the steering wheel angle. The nomenclature of every bend, "2", "8", "120" or other information used by each driver in his pacenotes system is fully configurable, and the band of degrees where to display information too.

The app is designed to use in the first round of “recces”, where you are driving at low speed. Because of this, and that an excessively high speed could affect the measurement accuracy, the level of bend severity is displayed only if you drive below 60 km/h.

In addition to difficulty, the application also helps us calculate the distances between corners using GPS signal. The driver has up to 3 different trips. One “partial”, another “total” and even a third specially designed to measure the corner’s lengths.

It also shows us the actual car speed. This is especially useful in those rallyes where the speed is limited and controlled by the organization. The driver can set a sound notice for he don’t exceed this limit.

The app is now available for Android phones in the Play Store and it is also scheduled for release for iPhone during the 2015.

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