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To see the invisible. The power of good pacenotes

The collection "To see the Invisible. The power of good pacenotes" is a complete tutorial about rally pacenotes, written by the driver David Nafría, creator of TheRallyDriver.com pacenotes system.

The tutorial explains all basic concepts that should be included in a good pacenotes system. David Nafria’s experience as rally driver and as an instructor in his face-to-face courses has been essential to define the contents of this innovative tutorial.

The tutorial also includes the explanation of the pacenotes systems of some of the most outstanding WRC drivers, with many real and examples and comparisons.

The collection consists of five volumes.

Volume 1: Turn intensity and length of corner

 cover volume one web 



Volume 2: Intensity variations and contact area adjustements

cover volume two 



Volume 3: Interior, exterior, straights and links between corners

cover volume 3




Volume 4: Links between corners of different directions

cover volume 4




Volume 5: Links between corners of the same directions, braking, crests and chicanes

cover volume 5